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Cover art by Terrance Trent

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Screwing with Perfect is my first novel to be available for hardcover purchase at Amazon.

Kesley Richmond is stuck in an undergraduate time warp, stagnating in the same-old-same-old routine. On top of that, her total dedication to an emotionally draining career is leading to burnout. She needs more, something just for herself... like a personal life for instance. All her college friends have moved on, fallen in and out of love, married, divorced. Done something! Except her...

And her complacent downstairs neighbor, Andrew Chandler.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it...that's Drew's philosophy. His college apartment suits him fine, and his sex life is one score after another. Though his consulting business keeps him traveling, he has Kesley, a girl in a million, to come back to. He doesn't know what's set Kes off, why she wants to shake things up, why she's on this kick about moving on, changing stuff that doesn't need changing. He wants her status quo to stay right where it belongs...one flight up from him. But to keep his sweetheart happy, he'll do anything, anything at all, even... SCREWING WITH PERFECT.

Fearsome Warlord
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Cover art by Terrance Trent

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A medieval romance...

Nylif, a woodlands recluse, has kept a dark secret all her life. As well she must, for its revelation would subject her to the control of outside forces thinking to use her for their own evil ends. For years, she narrowly evades their manipulations... until the virgin is placed in the untenable position of having to stand by and watch whilst her entire village and its people are caught in the middle of another brutal warfare campaign, this time between the invader Commander DuGauche and the depraved warlord who means to kill him, Sortie.

But wait. DuGauche issues Nylif an alternative: if the recluse can delay Sortie on the mainland, the Commander will be able to make his escape, and thus bloodshed on the Isle of Versian will be avoided.

There's a catch, though. Nylif knows of only one way to delay Sortie:

By offering herself up to the depraved animal for his use.

Of course, this is repugnant to the virgin Nylif. Although what choice does she have but to accept the Commander's proposal? Another battle on the Isle will surely spell doom for her already beleaguered peope...

Then, the situation becomes a wee bit more complicated:

Before she can begin her carnal subjugation to the depraved Sortie, Nylif falls passionately in love with a courageous mute eunuch, a deeply wounded man who has no intention of ever using her and who has saved her life once already.

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Cover art by Terrance Trent

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The fourth installment in my Virgin series

The fourth installment in my "Virgin" series featuring the rough and tumble world of 19th century Boston's Red-light District, where illegal fancy houses, opium dens, gambling establishments, and risqué dancehalls all thrived beneath the eyes of the law.

Against this background...alone and desperate, a young virgin trades her lofty ballet ambitions for the down and dirty reality of dancing for tips on the cancan stage. But when the dancehall's owner also forces her to whore for his clientele, she has no choice but to accept the protection of a darkly seductive admirer, a member of her audience. Her carnal attraction to this dangerous but wealthy older man has her questioning what makes a gentleman and what makes a criminal...

...and if it is possible for a man to be both at the same time.

All books in this series may be read independently of one another. This title is also a stand-alone book.(retitled and re-released)

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Cover art by Terrance Trent

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The reign of King Henry I, son of William the Conqueror, the year 1101...

Lest there be some mistake - Aurelia is Cethin's prisoner.

Not his guest. Not his sweeting. Not his lover. Not his concubine, either. She serves the overlord's rampant desire as a chained detainee inside his solar.

Ah, but her gaoler is rightfully called the Beast, for Cethin is an animal in his unrelenting urgency to have her, as she is an animal in her unrelenting urgency to have him. Regardless of what he does to her, how he unsheathes his claws and goes at her, she protests not, for he is her prisoner as much as she is his.

And lest there be some mistake - her unsheathed claws are every bit as sharp.

Aye, she will serve out her prison sentence under the Beast's rule. Atop his rule, as well, be that his demand. 'Tis all the same to Aurelia, for beneath her pale silky flesh, she is a Beast too, a she-beast on the prowl to mate.


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Cover art by Terrance Trent

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Third installment in the loosely connected "Virgin" series. All novels standalone but reading them in order - VIRGIN ENCOUNTER followed by VIRGIN ESCAPADE - does enrich the romantic experience.

A 19th century Gilded Age romance

Vowing to remain a virgin in the interests of her ambitions, Phoebe Hall wants nothing to do with illicit passion or its tragic consequences. Her oath does not, however, protect her from Shield, a tough man who is every bit as driven to get ahead as Phoebe. Some might even call him ruthless in his quest to succeed. But Shield has a chink in his armor, and it's Phoebe. When she does him wrong, her attempt to make him restitution as his mistress brings out the dominant male in him. Driven by desires almost as dark as those belonging to Phoebe, he will do anything to protect her. From her own impulses.

And from his, as well.

cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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Late Nineteenth Century, America's Gilded Age, a scandalous sequel to VIRGIN ENCOUNTER.

Though this second story is a standalone title, reading the books in order adds to the romantic experience.

Stripped down, her body as naked as her need for carnality, a wealthy virgin lays herself open to a complete stranger. Without expectations, the woman - a nice lady by society's strict standards - recklessly offers herself anonymously to this man in the dark, no regard for her respectability, dignity, or possible ruination.

And so continues the turbulent story of the oh-so prim and proper Miss Malone and the conman extraordinaire Malcolm Ignatius, each signpost on their journey chronicled, the roadmap to her loss of virtue... and his salvation...celebrated every step of the way.

Proving a sensible woman of thirty-two years, on the very brink of spinsterhood, can still say to hell with it all and come of age...even blossom...in the arms of the right cad.

cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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Late 19th century erotic romance

Petty thief and consummate liar Daisy Crumbly scrambles to learn the rules of seduction in a risky scheme to swindle wealthy merchant James Cornell out of a fortune. Daisy's virginity is on the line even before her plan goes awry... then James holds her against her will. Restrained in his attic, the young pickpocket succumbs to her much older mark's dark magnetism and loses all to him: her innocence, her self-respect, her very idea of what love is and what it is not. And when he demands more of her, she surrenders that too until she is left with nothing more to give him...

Save herself, all of herself, every naked corner and honest inch of herself

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