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    Without going into specific details–

    So as not to misrepresent myself or my book, I feel the need to reiterate the disclaimer from my previous TOUCH ME blog.

    Please gentle readers . . . and gentle reviewers . . . do not read TOUCH ME. If BDSM elements offend or shock you, by all means, give this book wide berth. Gentle readers . . . and gentle reviewers . . . please beware that the book contains explicit language and highly charged sexual scenes. Since the hero suffers from PTSD, the mood contains a pervasive threat of violence. If this distresses you, please stay away.

    In TOUCH ME, I don’t give lip service to the term BDSM; I use certain hardcore BDSM elements to tell a love story.

    No apology–simply a warning.

    Please see the synopsis below from the Loose Id publication site. This product description more than amply warns off readers . . . and reviewers . . . with gentle sensibilities.

    Louisa Trent’s Touch Me
    Genre: Paranormal; BDSM
    Length: Novel

    Two present day lovers relive the parallel–and ambiguous–sexual conflict of two lovers from the past…

    When docent witch Catherine Covington uses her psychic powers to save the life of CIA operative John ‘Hawk’ Adams, she does so atgreat personal risk to herselfThrough her complete and total sexual submission to the dominant and disturbed John, Catherine finally reconciles what is to be a witch with what it means to be a woman. Only then does Catherine understand the visions that have plagued her concerning the captivity of her 17th century ancestor, Euphremia Prim, at the brutal hands of Hawk, a Wampanoag warrior . . . and John’s distant relative.

    A beautiful witch in sexual bondage. A beleaguered warrior carnally enthralled. Centuries of recriminations and lust explode when two lovers confront a past wrong…because even in the realm of darkness love will hold dominion. Publisher’s Note: This book is an edited and expanded version of the previously released book by the same name.