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  • Seriously silly

    About three months or so ago, I promised myself I would dosomething to improve my writing and advance my writing career. As you can see by the time-line, this was most definitely NOT a New Years resolution. Those are silly, and I pride myself on NOT doing silly things. This was more like an end of the year stocktaking, a soul-searching, if you will. (There! That sounds eminently serious, and that’s what I am–eminently serious.)

    To that end, as I’ve already explained, I’ve been revising and polishing my back-list, doing some major grammar nitpicking, ridding the work of some clunky phraseology, axing questionable logic, firming up and clarifying underlying character motivation. This all falls under the broad heading of “Improving My Writing”.

    What about “Advancing My Writing Career”?

    Well, I joined EPIC for the first time ever and, at the same time, entered the annual EPPIE contest. This was a BIG move for me, as I’m basically a sloth, but I did it, the process was completely painless and, as it turned out, TEMPEST finaled. Though not the first time one of my books ever finaled in a contest, this was by far the most pleasant.

    Buoyed from that positive experience, I decided to send off a couple of partial manuscripts to NYC. Also not the first time. But, after coming disappointingly close numerous times, I went into submission hibernation.

    Well, it’s snowing today in N.E., but this sloth is out of hibernation (I know, I know, sloths don’t hibernate; I was going for the metaphor).

    I just returned from the post office, where I mailed off a submission packet to a NYC publisher.

    Though this qualifies as doing something to advance my writing career, I can’t help but feel this disqualifies my previous “I pride myself on NOT doing silly things” assertion.

    As my partials wing their way to NYC, I feel silly indeed.