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  • Happy Easter

    Two of my bunnies are already home to the hutch for the holiday; this afternoon, the third is due in with his girl bunny pal.

    Looks like this Easter Sunday is a dress rehearsal for another glorious spring production. The sudden warmth in N.E. raised the green curtain on my lawn. While an orchestra of daffodils tune up their yellow trumpets, a score of purple and white tulips wait to enter center stage. Flowering dogwood, cherry, and pear trees, all jazzed up to put on their show, hover ornamentally in the background. And the lilacs! Still tiny buds yet, but by the second act, they’ll strut their stuff too. I sit in the audience, camera in hand, impatiently waiting for the performance to begin.

    Everything is okies-dokies in my little world. I hope everything is fine in your little world too.