Scarves of 2014

Every time I visit a yarn store, the Koromo display draws my eye. The variegated colors are gorgeous, the texture rough and earthy  — a cotton, wool, silk blend — and the price steep, too steep for me.  When it went on sale at a yarn store I visited this past summer while in Northampton, en route to Shakespeare & Company in the Berkshires, I snapped it up on-line.

The end result reminds me of a woven wall hanging, the sort that features prominently in TEMPEST, a sci-fi erotic romance I wrote.  So as not to detract from the beauty of the colors — in fact, to highlight the beauty of the colors — I used  a plain stockinette pattern.

I like the outcome, but the process drove me NUTS.

First off, the yarn produces a striped appearance, not a subtly random color variation. The strands vary greatly in thickness, going from a fuzzy blob in some spots to a narrow thread in others. Because of this inconsistency in weight, keeping the edge neat and tidy…and straight…was problematic. Also — there were knots, knots galore, which I chose to frame rather than disguise. Consequently, on one hand, the piece has an Americana homespun quality, a Little House On The Prairie sort of theme,  if you will; while, on the other hand, the scarf looks primitively artsy. As both orientations appeal to me, I was pleased.

new scarf 2

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