Scarves of 2014, all about me

Last year, I gifted everyone with the scarves I made during the preceding twelve months. Since I wanted to keep them a surprise, I couldn’t keep scarves lying around the house in various states of completion in case the kids dropped by. I’m not the neatest or most organized person, so this was a HUGE chore. But this year…this year…my Scarf Project is all about me, so tangled hanks and knotted balls and messy skeins of yarn can be found in every room. Ditto for all my crochet hooks and every conceivable sized knitting needle. If I need one I’m missing, I search sofa cushions. I just found a hook this morning I didn’t know I was missing when I was scouring the house for a knitting needle I did know was missing. It was in the same general vicinity as my favorite craft glasses, which, unbeknown to me, had fallen on the floor under the coffee table. WIN!

I’ve never worked in cotton yarn so I wanted to give it a try. MEH. The yarn split. It’s a simple K2, P2 pattern.

new scarf1

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