Scarves of 2013 (part 1)

My favorite yarn store has a Sunday Super Bowl sale every year right before the game starts. Naturally, I was there to get my worsted fix. The place was packed with ladies, all draped in beautiful scarves, all lovingly caressing the merchandize. To pass the time while waiting in a LONG line for the register, we all chatted about our latest projects. It seems like knitting has never been more popular.

SEX STINGS, my book currently on sale at Amazon for $.99, is an erotic romance about knitting and falling in love in Boston.

As an aside — last year, I knitted and crocheted 28 scarves in total, all of which I gave away to family at Christmas in a modified Yankee Swap. (SEX STINGS doesn’t involve swapping of any kind.)

These are the pix ( part 1) :

scarf2 scarf3 scarf4 scarf5 scarf6 scarf7 scarf8 scarf9 scarf10

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