Authorial Inspiration In My Own Backyard

In answer to the question: Where do I come up with my story ideas?

Pretty-boy model types don’t do it for me. Naughty nudies of males posing seductively for the camera lens leave me cold. Narcissistic and neurotic actors only make me wince. But real-live outdoorsy working guys? Yep, my fantasy life kicks into over-drive.

I had a 90 foot crane in my yard today, a claw, and several related logging trucks. Oh, and six brawny guys there to take down 8 monster trees. Needless to say, my fingers never touched the keypad.
This does not mean I wasn’t working. The fact is, I was working feverishly.

Look for an erotic romance featuring hard-hat wearing, chain saw wielding, lumberjacks in the near future.


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