Getting the good word out

I strongly believe quality books deserve to be read, especially the hard to find older ones, so today I’m giving another personal recommendation.

Theresa Weir

The author avoids clich├ęs, handles story lines in an original way, has a clear and concise voice, often deals with difficult yet meaningful subject matters, depicts wonderfully imperfect characters, and infuses a much appreciated sense of reality in her romances. I absolutely love her books. She’s unique.

Please see the following link at AARR for three reviews: BAD KARMA,SOME KIND OF MAGIC, and COOL SHADE.

Her books can also be found at Amazon:

It’s my understanding that Theresa Weir no longer writes romances. A pity. The romance market needs authors of her high caliber.

Currently, the author writes suspense novels under the name “Anne Frasier”.

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