I survived another vacation

Back to reality–thank God! Even washing ten days worth of dirty clothes is a pleasure.

I have now been to Disneyland once, Disney World five times, and I am NOT going back again until I have grandchildren. I am all queued out. We stayed at Port Orleans, within the Disney World complex, and from the moment we arrived in Orlando, there were prescribed lines for everything–buses, boats, bathrooms, meals and, of course, the rides.

As to the meals–Disney food within the Park is both pricey and mediocre, and we were grateful to find a table to rest our weary bones while eating. We did enjoy the (Boma) African buffet in the Animal Kingdom Lodge (need reservations) and the savanna view of the animals after dining. Best stick to beer and wine at the Disney hotels and restaurants–the cocktails have all the alcoholic content of Kool-aid

As to the rides–the Fast Passes really do eliminate the waits on the more popular rides. My fave ride was Soarin’. Because DH is a child at heart, we went on everything–sometimes, Lord help me, more than once.

Because I am NOT a child at heart, we also managed to squeeze in Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba (loved, loved, loved the performance) and three movies:

(1) FAILURE TO LAUNCH–considering the fine cast, horribly disappointing. Rather than genuinely explore the issues presented, namely empty nest syndrome and adult children living at home, the movie was relentlessly trite and formulaic.

(2)INSIDE MAN–thoroughly enjoyed Spike Lee’s latest creation. The all-star cast gave fine performances and the plot was intense (you will guess certain elements, but so what?) with some moments of comic relief.

(3) LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN–considering the neat plot, I didn’t care for this film at all. Too many distractingly surreal and self-conscious elements (stilted and unnatural dialogue, in particular) took me out of the film; the “artsy” style just got in the way of good, solid storytelling. And why all the blood and gore and horrific images? Completely unnecessary!

While DH was at his conference, I did manage to complete my first round of revisions on SOME ROUGH EDGE SMOOTHIN’. This week, I’ll do some additional polishing and call it a wrap.

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