The erotic paranormal re-releases 4/4. I’ll get the first chapter up at the site this evening. Gentle reader, please be forewarned–the contents are explicit. I pull no punches in this book.

Here’s the working SYNOPSIS:

Two present day lovers relive the parallel . . . and ambiguous . . . sexual conflict of two past lovers.

When docent witch Catherine Covington uses her psychic powers to save the life of CIA operative John ‘Hawk’ Adams, she does so at great personal risk to herself. Through her complete and total sexual submission to the dominant and disturbed John, Catherine finally reconciles what is to be a witch with what it means to be a woman. Only then does Catherine understand the visions that have plagued her concerning the captivity of her 17th century ancestor, Euphremia Prim, at the brutal hands of Hawk, a Wampanoag warrior . . . and John’s distant relative.

Here’s the BLURB:

A beautiful witch in sexual bondage.

A beleaguered warrior carnally enthralled.

Centuries of recriminations and lust explode when two lovers confront a past wrong.

…because even in the realm of darkness love will hold dominion…

I hope you enjoy the book!


P.S. GEEZ! This oversight just goes to prove how bad I am at promo!! I forgot to mention that TOUCH ME releases with Loose Id– The book has been available for almost two weeks, and now I think to include the name of the publisher. Shakes head.

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