Going Minimalistic

In a feeble attempt to unclutter my writing life, I have decided to discontinue my newsletter. I had considered sending out a newsletter announcing my plan, but that seemed to defeat the whole purpose.

I love to write, but detest promo, and frankly, heralding a book release in a newsletter, a blog, as well as on a web page, smacks vaguely of overkill to me. So, no more newsletters.

You won’t miss much. Honestly, I’m not interesting enough to merit redundancy.

As soon as I have the cover for TOUCH ME, which releases 4/4 at Loose Id (See? Really, what did you miss?) I will post here.

This week, I’m editing SOME ROUGH EDGE SMOOTHIN’.

In April, I’m off to Florida. Shopping for vacation clothes has been more irritating than pleasurable. All I want is a simple cotton sundress, but try finding one! Luckily, I’m making do with last year’s bathing suit or I’d be even more traumatized.

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