Happy St Patrick’s Day

Celebrated the day by going to see V FOR VENDETTA and sniffing green candles and potpourri.

First the movie: Despite the clich├ęs–and my, my, my, but there are quite a few here, all of them easily identifiable–the movie also had inventive moments which totally absorbed me. I’m a sucker for retribution themes, anyway, and then throw in a few political messages topical to the times in which we live, an idealistic plea for individual empowerment in the face of governmental oppression, and my eyes remained riveted to the screen. Natalie Portman’s expressive face was a pleasure to watch. Particularly enjoyed her character growth in the incarceration scenes. I found them the finest of the movie. (I’m trying not to say too much here) The choice of playing the Rolling Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” during the closing credits was an especially nice touch.

The green candles and potpourri: Though the color is appropriate to the day, it’s also coincidental–I’m in the middle of some spring redecorating. I like earth tones, but some of these green scents are truly sickening. Have you stuck your nose inside a candle jar named “watermelon” lately? Ugh!

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