released today at Loose Id.

I’m thrilled to see one of my babies finally return to the ebook shelves.

Like anything else, a writer’s ability improves with time and practice. About a year or so ago, I felt a compelling need to withdraw my backlist from circulation and polish the books to my current writing maturity. Knowing I would need to pull back from producing new books during this period, I held off–until I just couldn’t hold off any longer. The status quo bothered me. So, over the course of a weekend, I decided to yank the list and get down to work.

I bumped into a review at Amazon, written by a reader long after BITTERSWEET was no longer for sale there. The review was one of the reasons I decided my old books deserved my investment of time and effort. I’m pasting the review here–somebody please yell at me if I’m not supposed to do this.

not just erotica, June 11, 2005
Reviewer: misty9 “misty99” (Italy) – See all my reviews
I was just going to give this book a peep – I don’t really like erotica that much – but I was immediately hooked.

There really is a storyline, and often it’s funny and touching. The sex takes second place to the love that starts to evolve between 2 very different people, he’s a cynical cop, she’s a small-town teacher. There’s a lot of sex of course, but for once he’s the one who would like more and she wants to keep it purely physical. All considered, it’s a good read..

I don’t write straight erotica, nor do I write straight romance–this reader recognized and enjoyed the hybrid sort of book I write.

Thanks Misty! Thanks to all my readers who, with their letters and comments, make me want to improve my writing skills.

BITTERSWEET is the same story–only smoother.

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