Damn You, Woody Allen! What Have You Done To Me?

Finally went to see Woody Allen’s MATCH POINT. As I already noted in a prior blog, all W.A.’s movies make me sad. In light of this, I went into the theatre knowing in advance I would come out down in the dumps. And I did.

But that’s not the point of this blog. In fact, MATCH POINT really isn’t the point of this blog. Well, okay, maybe peripherally–

The movie was well-acted, the topical plot maintained my interest throughout, there was a neat twist at the end which I appreciated, good suspenseful elements, Woody astutely conveyed his message. THE MOVIE WAS GOOD!

And I didn’t like the movie.

Though the message itself was benign–that luck can go either way–his presentation left no room for a HEA, for redemption, for viewer vindication. The characters were not sympathetic or likable, and thank God, I didn’t identify with the soulless lot of them one iota. As I say, W.A. depresses me. BUT THE MOVIE WAS GOOD!

And I didn’t like the movie.

Exiting the theatre, I overheard a woman say to her husband, “That wasn’t very funny for a Woody Allen movie,” and I realized the movie hadn’t fulfilled her expectations. She had pigeon-holed W.A. into only doing comedic films, not allowed him to grow as an artist, and so the film and W.A. had let her down. On principle alone, I disagreed with this. Because comedic or not, change of style or not, W.A. had every right to follow his muse. AND THE MOVIE WAS GOOD!

And I didn’t like the movie.

“So,” says DH, “You need a HEA to enjoy a movie?”
–Yes,yes, a thousand times yes!–
“So, you don’t necessarily want to see a good movie, you just want to see a feel good movie. You know, they’re not one and the same. We’ve been talking about this damn movie since we went to see it–I’d say we got our entertainment money’s worth from the movie. How long do we discuss feel-good movies?”

He made an excellent point–

And I still didn’t like the movie.

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