Progress Report

This schedule is primarily for me, so I can keep track of the mess, but feel free to peek.

The state of my backlist:

(1) BITTERSWEET –releases with Loose Id on February 28th.
(2) TOUCH ME –releases with Loose Id on April 4th.
(3) SCREWING WITH PERFECT–releases with Samhain on July 18th.
(4) CAPTIVE –edits complete.
(5) THE ACQUISITION–edits complete.
(6) SOME ROUGH EDGE SMOOTHIN’–edits done to page 193.
(7) LOST ANGEL–edits done to page 84.
(8) TAINTED LOVE–edits done to page 28.
(9) PICK UP LINE–edits not started

The state of WIP:

(1) ON MOORSTEAD –finished. Needs one more fast edit swipe.

There! I feel better.

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