Hurry up and leave so I can start missing you

No, that’s not the title of a Country Western single, at least I don’t think it is. But, let me explain:

While waiting to hear from grad school, 22 year-old middle son landed a stellar job in electrical engineering. He moved back home in December, having finished up his college courses a semester early, and though he has to wait ’til May to actually walk across the graduation stage, with a decent resume and security clearance as a result of that decent resume, opportunity came a-knocking and he opened the door and let his future in.

I thought I’d have this kid under my roof at least ’til September, but as of yesterday, the house officially has a second guest bedroom.

Yep, I’m now a two-thirds empty-nester. And like just about everyone else in our demographic, we’re thinking downsizing. Chucking everything into an extra-large dumpster appeals to me on so many different levels. Now, to persuade the rock star youngest son to pack up his bottle of powder-blue nail polish and take his gig on the road . . .

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