LOST is losing me

Another repeat episode. Again.

Have the producers LOST the script? Is there even a script to lose? Or, are the writers making up the plot as they go along? Do I even care?

At first, I tried to deny my waning interest, even to myself. When I fell asleep during the program last week, a new episode, I didn’t complain about the storyline not holding my attention–I blamed myself. Long day, tired eyes, a glass of wine with supper. Then, I accepted the sad truth, the show just didn’t grab me. I hate when that happens! I started off loving the concept of LOST.

Note to LOST producers: I like symbolism, but please don’t hit me over the head with artistic invention until I’m comatose. A little subtlety is much appreciated. Oh, and while I’m on this particular rant–don’t start, then drop story threads!

Dunno. Maybe that’s disappointment, dejection, disgruntlement talking. The repeat episode thing again.

I think back to Masterpiece Theatre, to their excellent serialized programs, like Upstairs/Downstairs, like Poldark, like so many more, with a real sense of, well, loss. I just don’t think I have the patience for network series. DVD box sets have spoiled me. No commercials, no repeats, no delayed gratification.

Hey, wait a minute. Maybe that’s the fiendishly diabolical plot. Maybe that’s the real secret behind LOST. DVD box sets!

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