Why pretend

I did nothing last week but sit at the PC and write–thus explains the lack of a blog. No complaints–I’m absolutely thrilled. I woke up on Monday, and had the remainder of ON MOORSTEAD all neatly plotted. That happens a lot, I realize I’m truly blessed, and I’m grateful. Since my unconscious neatly resolved all the outstanding issues on the book while I slept, all I had to do was apply my fingers to the keys, which I did–to the exclusion of having a life.

To reward myself for almost finishing the book, I parked my fanny in a theatre again this weekend.

Underworld:Evolution. Bored beyond belief, I started checking my watch 10 minutes into the film. And there’s another sequel in the works! Count me out, please! I’d rather scrub the floor in my sons’ bathroom, with a toothbrush, on my hands and knees,(And believe me, these young males have appallingly lousy aims) than waste two more hours of my life watching another one these bloodfests. Even the ambiance–nice dark palette of blacks and blues and blood-crimson–couldn’t save this film for me. I kept hoping all the vamps would suck one another dry and all the weres would eviscerate themselves and have done with it once and for all. No such luck. Found the love scene stilted, overly choreographed and, in a bloody film, bloodless. No eroticism, whatsoever.

I did, however, enjoy Transamerica. The film had a lot of heart and humanity. Could’ve used less of a kitchen-sink approach to plotting, maybe ease up on certain clichés and caricatures, but Felicity Huffman did a fine job of making me care about the character, and no, I don’t follow Desperate Housewives. Kevin Zegers’ portrayal of Bree’s troubled son was also outstanding.

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