Your assignment: write a short essay on what you did this weekend

On Saturday, drove into the city to meet the oldest son for an ice cream lunch at my fave, made-on-the-premises, ice cream shoppe, which a high-tech drop-out owns and operates. Gotta love a guy who gave up IT for hot fudge sundaes! And yes, my bad, all we ordered was the ice cream. Afterwards, onto my fave artsy-fartsy theatre.

On Sunday, after another movie, went out to eat at a warm and inviting, and crowded restaurant. Though a chilly and breezy 30 degrees, cocktail-carrying diners left their linen-covered tables inside to venture outside, where they gathered in the courtyard ’round the huge stone hearth to warm their hands on the blazing flames. Nothing like a fire and Crown Royal for beating the winter blahs.


Both films were historicals, early 1940’s and 1600’s respectively. Both were long on ambiance and short on action and dialogue. Because of the slow pace, both had an almost hypnotic quality to them. Lots of pregnant pauses. Lots of beautiful cinematography. Lots of vintage costumes–loved the soft hats on the males in WHITE COUNTESS. While both were romances, with implied sexuality, there were no overt scenes. Both movies took place at a time when the world hovered on the cusp of change, WWII and America’s colonization. In both movies, the heroine seemed to symbolize, idealize, a dying way of life.

Liked, but didn’t love, both films, and wouldn’t opt to see either again. And that’s the sticking point, I suppose, because I do want to see several other films again, namely: BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, CAPOTE, and WALK THE LINE.

In books and in film, for me, it’s all about intensity.

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