Friday: Pizza For Supper And Lining Up Movies For The Weekend.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I love going to the movies. Given the choice, I’d happily give up April in Paris in favor of freezing my ass off in January at Utah’s Sundance Film Festival. Since I’m not attending this year, here’s my movie wish list for this coming weekend:

(1) THE NEW WORLD–Colin Farrell in 1600’s Jamestown culture-clash, between “naturals” and English. It’s an historical–how could I not see it?

(2) TRANSAMERICA–The story might highlight confusion but there’s no question about the movie’s emotional warmth.

(3) WHITE COUNTESS –The reviews aren’t great, and it’s not playing many places, but Ralph Fiennes stars in it, and I love Ralph Fiennes, so . . .

(4) CACHE–Puzzling ending, where the audience in the theatre stares at the screen as the credits roll and scratch their collective heads, so bodes well for post-movie conversation


The last choice is in that ignoble position because Woody Allen makes me sad. Always has. Dunno why, but the man just brings me down. Even his comedies.

I’ll let you know what I think . . .


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