Historical Research

My gratitude goes to Ellen Michetti at All About Romance for reviewing INSIDE THE VICTORIAN HOME by Judith Flanders. (For the reviewer’s astute commentary, please see: http://www.likesbooks.com/cgi-bin/bookReview.pl?BookReviewId=5477)

I rarely buy non-fiction hardcovers, but just couldn’t pass on this one. Had my nose buried in its pages last night, and so far it’s excellent. So nice to know my money was well spent.

I do lots of research for my historicals–reading, museums, movies . . . travel. Walking tours, to soak up the atmosphere of a place, help enormously, as does visiting historical houses. I highly recommend the tours given by the National Park Service.

To get a feel for the seaport town I wrote about in THE ACQUISITION, I spent an entire day in New Bedford, Massachusetts, learning about whaling in 1844 New England.

In writing TAINTED LOVE, I visited the Morse-Libby brownstone mansion (circa 1860)in Portland Maine, and asked the very patient tour guide multitudinous questions about Victorian plumbing. If she thought I had some weird WC fetish, she’d be spot-on! In writing historicals, the small everyday details, like toileting, are what lend a story authenticity.

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