Can Someone Loan Me A List Of New Year’s Resolutions? I Need Something To Break.

Take down the Christmas tree or go see Rumor Has It–those were yesterday’s choices.

Needless to say, I put off duty in favor of pleasure. (I am on vacation after all! Though, really,why delude myself? There never was a real choice.)

So, anyway, off I went to the mall theatre.

How was the movie?

Well, I suppose sitting in the dark beat stripping tinsel off the branches, but not by much. Jennifer Aniston was her usual ‘Friends’ self. Cute figure, cute clothes, cute hair. All-around perky. Except, when she cried. Which was, unfortunately, quite a lot. An irascible Shirley MacLaine was given a few salty lines to say, but the delivery seemed a bit forced. And she paused after speaking the lines, as if waiting for a thunderous round of applause. (Her acting was more subtle and nuanced in In Her Shoes) Kevin Costner stretched his acting wings and played an aging entrepreneur rather than an aging athlete. Mark Ruffalo played likable, just like in Just Like Heaven.

After circling the store for an hour the first time, in covered-wagon formation, I did finally find a parking space the second time around at the new IKEA–“everyday furniture in modern designs, emphasizing function, affordability, and style”. This Scandinavian import really knows how to do PR. With the exception of Disneyworld, I’ve never seen such crowds. Dunno–maybe the lure is the 300 seat cafeteria that serves a .99 breakfast. I spent four hours in the showroom looking . . . and buying . . .things I don’t really need or even want and certainly have no place to put. A personal success for me is only getting yelled at once by store personnel ( I have a poor sense of direction, and on a return trip from the Ladies Room, inadvertently went against the traffic flow in front of the escalator, thus causing a major shopper pile-up). No worries–everyone came out of it alive, and I made a number of new friends.


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