Basking In The Afterglow ( or, Where Do I Stick This Thing Now?)

Let me first preface this blog with: I love it, guys, I really do love it.


The sons gave me a Cuisinart coffee maker for Christmas. No doubt about it, this is one high concept piece of design engineering. As soon as I read the 30 page owner’s manual and, for the first time in my coffee drinking career, buy a few pounds of roasted coffee beans, I intend to brew myself a fresh cup of java.

What a wonderful gift! When I opened the box, the chrome alone was enough to make me gasp. The Cuisinart was so big and shiny, I could actually see my face reflected on the side, horrified expression and all.

Where do I put it?

No, seriously folks, where do I stick this thing after it comes out from under the tree.

The kitchen is large, but the counter space is already jam-packed with the Christmas presents of previous years. Short of taking out the stove, where do I install my wonderful Christmas gift? (See that guys? That’s the second “wonderful” in just a few short paragraphs. I love my new coffeemaker, I really do love it.)

The sons gave DH a new electric guitar. Wrapping still clung to the strings when he plugged it into the amp, strapped it around his neck, and started playing. By the end of the evening, why, he must’ve had that completely portable guitar in every room in the house, taking it with him wherever he went, the logistics of using his new gift no problem whatsoever.

See where I’m going with this train of thought?

I need a guitar strap for my new coffeemaker.

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