Transitory Beauty

ice-716593With the roast beef and lasagna in a slow oven and a 60 minute window of opportunity before both the stuffed mushrooms went in and the company was to due to arrive, DH and I headed out for our usual 2 mile walk along the designated scenic route on which we live. The house on the other side of the stream is circa 1720 or so; the one across the street was a way-station on the Underground Railroad. It’s a walk right out of Currier and Ives, past old stone walls, farm houses, a small church, and an ancient cemetery.

Every year, a neighbor along the route takes his power saw to a hunk of ice and carves out a Christmas card. But, the weatherman predicted 50 degrees for both yesterday and today, and for once his forecast was right on the money. We figured, no sculpture this year, too unseasonably warm. But there was the ice sculpture anyway.



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