How To Jump From A Bridge Or A Cliff Into A River

Got my hands on a neat little yellow book entitled: THE WORST CASE SCENARIO SURVIVAL HANDBOOK (the title is almost larger than the book itself) Authored by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht, the handbook details . . . you guessed it . . . survival techniques. Written in a concise format with easy to understand explanations and illustrations, I forsee this little gem coming in handy when I’m writing action scenes. The next time I need to know how to survive when adrift at sea or how to win a sword fight, I’ve got this quick and easy guide to refer to. Limitless possibilities here.

Years ago, I picked up the tip to head for the YA section of the library when seeking stump-the-writer sorts of research items. And it works. Without having to sift through loads of extraneous crap, YA books get the meat of the information out to the reader in a direct fashion which a time conscious person like myself appreciates.

As of today, I’m halfway through polishing CAPTIVE, and I must say I’ve enjoyed revisiting with Sage and Aeschine. Their love story remains one of my favorites.

Here’s to: How to Maneuver on top of a Moving Train . . .

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