The Hit List

DH calls me every day from work. “What’s new?” he asks.

Here’s the dilemena: I write full time now. Before heading out the door, he gave me a goodbye smooch. At the PC. When he calls, yep, there I sit in the exact same spot. A muscle or two may have twitched, but basically, you get the picture, not a whole heck of a lot happened.

For lack of anything better to say, I tell him, “I’m doing the ITs.”

Shorthand for polishing.

Finished polishing SCREWING WITH PERFECT and BITTERSWEET, I’m working on CAPTIVE now. Before combing through the manuscript line-by-line, I do a “find” for certain over-used words that signal the dreaded PCSF–passive clunky sentence formation. Here’s my basic PCSF Hit List: WAS, IS, WERE, ARE, THERE, BE, BY, THAT, IT.

By far, that last PCSF is the most helpful one on the list. Surprising the amount of shIT I find this way.

It never is good to be passive–

Er–Stay active!

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