Went to two college concerts this past week, band and jazz. Middle son plays in both. In band, he featured in a sax ensemble on the bari; in jazz, he played a solo on the alto-HOLD BACK TOMORROW, a really fine melodic piece, but the quick changes making the notes difficult to finger. I’m not a die-hard jazz enthusiast, but this was nice, and the accompanying singer had a wide vocal range that augmented the mellow sound. The Jazz Director is the grandson of a North Carolina Baptist minister and it shows. He gets up before the audience and preaches his gospel of Brotherly Love as his head nods and his hips swing to the beat. His jazz stories span more than forty years, and listening to his tales of fast women and slow money and real talent is a treat. His is one story I’d love to write . . .

Today, after shoveling out, CAPTIVE gets my attention. I’m polishing all my books except the last two. No major changes, just adding some sparkle.

Keep it real.

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