Baby it’s cold outside

Saw Tristan & Isolde today, and really enjoyed the broody Dark Ages ambiance. How can you not like scenic shots of an over-grown forest, a beautiful stone bridge, a cranked drawbridge spanning a moat, and a post-Roman occupancy, moss-covered trapdoor in the earth, where a cobweb festooned secret tunnel leads to a stone castle? Also featured prominently: woven Celtic garb and studded leather armor, flowing tresses, on both the lords and ladies. Feuding clan names were bandied about both before and after sword fights. Lots and lots of sword fights. The love story was just so-so, no real fiery intensity, so I came away feeling no real sense of tragedy at the conclusion. And honestly, with Brokeback Mountain still lingering in my thoughts, that was fine.

Bitterly cold here, with accompanying blustery winds, but still snuck in a brisk, well-bundled-up, 2 mile-walk. What a trooper, huh?


I made a HUGE quantity of tomato sauce and meatballs before leaving for the cinema and, on the way home, stopped in at a local bakery and bought crusty Italian bread and a Chocolate Mousse cake–something I rarely do, as I bake like a fiend–to go with it. I also bought wine. A large quantity of wine. The Golden Globes are on tonight, and I celebrate everything with food, which explains the brisk walk despite a wind chill factor in the single digits.

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