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A noble knight's honor clashes with his fealty to the throne when the king directs him to deliver the deathstroke to a peasant wench who knows too much of royal concerns to live...

During a time of political anarchy and social upheaval, when nobleman turns on nobleman and naught is sacred, not even a man's sworn word, Lord Farrow of Croftmoor remains a loyal subject of the rightful king. More importantly, he is a just and decent man, a merciful warrior, an overlord who does what he must to protect the populace of his keep, at times at great personal risk to himself.

His secret occupation as royal assassin is one such risk he assumes in service to the king.

Farrow's skill at killing is unequaled in the realm. What he does in the shadows benefits all that live under his dominion, and so he continues, despite having to forfeit what other men have... a wife, children, an understanding listener in whom to confide. No one really knows Lord Farrow of Croftmore...

Save Mileth, the harbinger the king has ordered Farrow to eliminate, the peasant wench who makes her way in the world by truly hearing what those who are about to die have to say. She is a threat to the king all right...

A threat to Farrow too, for Mileth is the only woman Farrow has ever been close to, the only woman he might be able to let himself love. And now all who depend on him for their life depend on him to end hers.

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Meine Bücher können jetzt auf Tolino finden. Willkommen an alle meine freunde Deutsch.

Moving on. Placing all my titles with Tolino. Happy to have another distributor.. more the merrier.

... and still plugging away at the WIP, a medieval assasin in the age of The Anarchy.

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spoiled cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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After taking some time looking over some of the book covers I'm going for a cleaner, simpler image for some. T Just completed reworking TOUCH ME and while at it, uploaded copies for purchase to Google Play, Scribd and Gumroad for that title. It takes some distributors a lot longer than others to catch up with these changes. Book content in this case remains the same.

Other covers will follow. Meanwhile I'm plugging away on my current WIP, a new story in The Anarchy era, stopping only for NFL playoff games, to write down ideas for new titles and daily walks to clear my head.

Damn cold lately. Seriously looking forward to the return of the sun and warmer weather.

SCRIBD, Google Play, Gumroad

For the past few weeks T has been quietly reviewing every one of my 29 titles, reformatting some. Also he has started posting everything to Scribd, Google Play, and Gumroad. You will see new links appearing on my book pages. Oh yeah, he's tweaking some covers as well. And asking for descriptions of my current hero and herione with an eye toward creating a new cover for my Coming Soon page. He has a spreadhseet to keep track of everything. A spreadsheet!

And me?

As usual, completely oblivious to the world around me, I'm simply writing.


A NEW full length 19th century, ward/guardian, erotic romance.

Wealthy Emmett Condon is not a "good" man. Nor is he a gentleman. He professes to be both only to advance his numerous business deals, some legal, some shady, just like him. Certainly no one would ever mistake him for a hero...

Save for his infatuated ward of the last three years, Priscilla, the virginal young lady he has promised his mentor to wed.

Unfortunately, how his ward sees him is a carefully orchestrated illusion, an invention of his own making. That man doesn't exist.

spoiled cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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So, taking pity on Priscilla, Emmett reveals his true self to her prior to their marriage.

And his ward flees. Escapes in stark horror.

Priscilla does indeed run from Emmett, the man she has always loved. Not in horror over what he did to her that night of her eighteenth birthday, a corruption of her innocence she cannot forget. She runs because she craves his debasement. She craves it even after discovering his commitment to her is a sham. Forsaking her attraction to his dominance, a dominance beyond boundaries, a domanance beyond limits, a dominance which surpasses her every moral belief -- she stays away from him...

Until his terrible power over her draws her back into his waiting arms.

Knowing he will never love her, that her guardian has bound her to him with emotional and physical coercion, that he has abused her trust, she settles for less than his love -- his lust.

Then she demands more. She demands all of him, including his darkness. And she fights for him the only way she knows how... by allowing him everything, even giving him permission to share her with another man.

Emmett will bring her to the very edge of decency and then fling her over the precipice, for he is a man willing to go to any lengths to protect Priscilla... including not telling her she holds his heart and what remains of his soul.


A NEW full length novel from The Anarchy Tales

bladekyll cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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Medieval England during The Anarchy...

After condemning her for practicing black magic, the superstitious folk in her village banish Melle to a lonely existence in the woodlands.

A tragedy, as Melle is no bespelling witch! She's the virgin daughter of a learned alchemist and a gifted swordsmith in her own right, an occupation she keeps secret lest she become a political pawn in a battle of power between two evil rulers: the usurper General Raghiln on her side of the River Noir, and Lord Cahan, the overlord of Castle Weild, on the other.

Her secret is threatened when cruel Lord Cahan abducts innocent Melle, a brazen capture that sets into motion a shift in military might... and in them. For not only is the innocent virgin not what she seems, neither is the brutish warlord.

These two enemies have naught in common save this: both fight their growing feelings for one another.

Lord Rahan believes in sorcery about as much as he believes in love, which is to say not at all; whilst Melle craves love every bit as much as she longs to escape the brothel in which her dark captor has imprisoned and used her as his forbidden whore.

And so begins the war of wills between the real overlord of the land and a pretend witch who must choose sides; between two stubborn lovers hiding too many damnable secrets; between a quelled dominant male and a wildly shameless submissive female; between two differing individuals, one who gives her trust gladly and one unwilling to trust even himself; between a staid royal who would rather believe in witchcraft than believe in love and an exuberant peasant literally bound to convince him otherwise.


Previously released and newly revised.... a Blooming Series novel

verinoca cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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Public scandal and private tragedy force "free-love" author Veronica Cooper into a marriage of convenience with Talbot Bowdoin, a gentleman of mystery.

Talbot has every reason to be secretive. Furthermore, the book publisher intends to keep the young lady he wed in the dark about himself. Because the sad truth is -- though he'd give her the world gladly -- he's more comfortable with his inventions than he is with people. He's always kept anyone with a beating heart at arm's length.

Not Veronica. Her heart pounds...with lust...and she refuses to tolerate her standoffish husband's neglect in the bedchamber.

To satisfy his beautiful bride, Talbot touches a human being for the first time in years. He also allows Veronica the sexual freedom she craves.

But will he allow her to love him?


Previously released and newly revised.... another novel in the Blooming Series

thyme cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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With a temper to match her flaming hair, an argumentative streak a mile wide, and a curvy, full-figured shape, Regina is a slammin' sexpot.

A lot of good it does her with men. Her 36-Ds intimidate nice guys and draw creeps out of the woodwork. Frustrated and hurting after a recent breakup with her apathetic boyfriend, she decides to shake up her boring life by vacationing solo in Europe. First Stop: the Tower of London.

Minding her own damn business, doing the usual sightseeing routine at the tourist trap, she's stalked, then captured by some twisted weirdo who actually thinks he's a medieval warrior from Norman times. After introducing himself as Lord Raven, he drags her off to someplace called his "keep's solar", where he strips her naked and ties her up like a rump roast. And he's acting starved. Then, he starts talking trash, something about making her his mate.


Just her friggin' luck, the kinky abduction scenario really does it for her, and she falls for him hard. Until--he starts spouting a whole lot of crap about Time Travel.

Gawd. Why her? As soon as she unlocks her lips from his, she's so outta there...

Well, maybe...


Previously released and newly revised.

rose cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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His early years in Ireland spent in shackles as a brothel slave, forced to perform perverse carnal acts on demand, Amaurus the Moor now craves the delights of dark carnality. His unwillingness to inflict his unnatural predilections on a wedded wife condemns him to the solitary life of a nomadic mercenary. No home. No begotten children. Definitely no innocent virgins...

Then he's seduced by a fair maiden whose illicit passions match his own.

Disenchanted with her many spell-casting screw-ups, the Council of Immortals strip the witch Treasa of her magical powers and erase her memory. However, the gods and goddesses are not without mercy. In their infinite wisdom, they give the shallow and vain virgin a second chance, a quest to redeem herself. To accomplish the feat, Treasa must employ her vast store of womanly wiles on Amaurus the Moor...

...while disguised as a lad, hampered by amnesia, and without knowing the simple quest was a complicated ruse all along.

WARNING: While not straight erotica, this story is an erotic romance. As such, it contains explicit sex, graphic language and adult situations.


A NEW erotic historical multi-cultural

mixed cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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The year 1883...

In her sadness over the impending death of her dearest grandfather, a beautiful woman seduces a virile sea captain. Stricken with guilt over the loss of his beloved schooner, the sea captain allows himself to be seduced. No questions, no explanations, no names, no promises exchanged, they take consolation where they can find it...in the unbridled use of one another's body.

Each successive foray into passion deepens their sexual exploration until their uninhibited acceptance of carnality equals only their absolute denial of love. For while Emmaline Valette is keeping unnecessary secrets and Captain Preston Redding harbors unwarranted suspicions, both are in the market to wed someone else, someone the exacting standards of society will find infinitely suitable.

And entirely wrong for themselves.


Lost Angel cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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Previously released and newly revised.

Art insurance investigator Steven Gallagher is prepared to bleed for Emily Parker. Though she's a liar and a thief, a former juvenile delinquent, and Steve's damn sure she's involved somewhere in his new Cuzin case, her guilt doesn't matter to him. He doesn't care about any of it, including the absolute fact that she's using him... and sex... to get whatever the hell it is she's after. Regardless of everything-ethics, morality, the law-regardless that he swore off women years before, Steve falls hard for the foul-mouthed little con artist, a streetwise gutsy chick who refuses to let a bad past beat her down. To keep Emily safe, he'll do whatever it takes, put it all on the line-

And keep her in line too, even if he has to apply his dominant streak to her naughty little backside. She'll get everything she needs from him.

No way is Steve trusting his LOST ANGEL.

Except his trust.

WARNING: While not straight erotica, this story is an erotic romance. As such, it contains explicit sex, graphic language and adult situations.


Screwing with Perfect cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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Previously released and newly revised.

Kesley Richmond is stuck in an undergraduate time warp, stagnating in the same-old-same-old routine. On top of that, her total dedication to an emotionally draining career is leading to burnout. She needs more, something just for herself... like a personal life for instance. All her college friends have moved on, fallen in and out of love, married, divorced. Done something! Except her...

And her complacent downstairs neighbor, Andrew Chandler.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it...that's Drew's philosophy. His college apartment suits him fine, and his sex life is one score after another. Though his consulting business keeps him traveling, he has Kesley, a girl in a million, to come back to. He doesn't know what's set Kes off, why she wants to shake things up, why she's on this kick about moving on, changing stuff that doesn't need changing. He wants her status quo to stay right where it belongs...one flight up from him. But to keep his sweetheart happy, he'll do anything, anything at all, even... SCREWING WITH PERFECT.


Lilac cover art

Cover art by Terrance Trent

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Previously released and newly revised.

Tegan Ellis storms the Hudson River mansion of negligent mine owner Sean Griffith intent on nobly sacrificing herself to her mining reform cause. Her plan to blackmail the despicable industrialist into making much needed mine improvements goes hopelessly awry, however, when her adversary reveals his scandalous... and very private... erotic art collection to her. One glimpse at a painted mural depicting naked and writhing bodies and the romantic eighteen-year old virgin is overcome with lust.

And inspiration. Throwing caution to the winds, she tosses her legs in the air.

Sean Griffith never stands a chance. Tegan ravishes him on the spot. On several spots, to be exact. Then, Sean discovers Tegan's extortion scheme...

Revenge is sweet. In this instance, it's naughty too.

This stand-alone erotic romance title is the first revised book of my "Blossom" series. I'm also re-editing ROSE, THYME, and VERONICA for future self-publication - all at a reduced cost to readers. I will re-release them as my publishing rights revert to me.


Outlaw of Ironguard cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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Previously released and newly revised.

Sequel to The Anarchy Tales Book I: Devil of Nettlewood

No apology, Ysenda loves cock. Upon occasion, she even loves the man attached. For a night, and not an eventide more. Not that she's fickle or fussy. Nay! Quite the opposite. Any lover will do her. Including Almaric, the thieving wizard who seduces then abandons her. And Talon, the murderous overlord who killed her sister Mitri.


Not fickle or fussy at all.

At eight and ten, she had her way with a fine strapping farmer and never once looked back since. To satisfy a yen to mate, she'd pull a lad on and push him off when she was done. Then, she'd send him on his merry way. Easy come, easy go -- that was just the way coupling went with her.

Until she ambushes Almaric the Wizard on the moors and then schemes her way into Lord Talon's solar at his keep.

Whilst the magician's desertion breaks her heart and the overlord's dominance pains her... er...other places, she falls in love with the thieving and murderous bastards despite herself.

A quandary.

No matter. All she needs do to right the situation is betray one Outlaw of Ironguard and assassinate the other.


Devil of Nettlewood cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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Previously released and newly revised.

Anarchy Tales: Book One

Though tales of Lord Spur's cruelty are legendary and his discipline of her is oft-times harsh, peasant Mitri chooses carnal servitude in the nobleman's solar over rotting in a dungeon as his prisoner. But Lord Spur is as thorny as the vines surrounding his embattled keep. His prick stings her so. He toys with her mercilessly, all hours of the day and night, and not only in his bedchamber.

Subjected to all manner of forbidden acts, her pleasured flesh rubbed raw from leather restraints, her throat screamed hoarse from the pained releases forced upon her, Mitri accepts the bounty of her Master's rough passion.

And then, Lord Spur brings in his squire Nym. Not to mention his brother Lord Talon. The overlord presents her to each as if she were a lamb at market. Whatever is she to do?

There is naught to do -- save trust beyond question, save trust beyond doubt, that she has found her one true love in the dominant overlord.

But -- has she? Has she found her one true love? Or has she only succumbed to the dark seduction of the Devil of Nettlewood?

Read an excerpt from DEVIL


Whore cover art
Cover art by Terrance Trent

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After spending three years and a small fortune transforming promiscuous street waif Ducia Marsh into a stylish young lady of heightened sensuality, Zachery Quint decides to collect on his anonymous investment by making her his own personal whore.

So the libidinous financier might think, but Ducia has other plans. From unschooled orphan to factory girl to sophisticated entrepreneur, Ducia lives a Pygmalion fantasy come true, due to a benefactor's generosity. And nothing, not even her unwise passion for the wealthy and arrogant Quint, will stand in the way of her ambitions:

Shoes. Not just wearing them. Creating them. From drawing board to their cobbling. Producing a line of fine ladies footwear is all she dreams about -- when she's not dreaming about Quint.

It's 1883, the Gilded Age in America, an era of Robber Barons and Gibson Girls, when anything seems possible. In ladies fashion, the bustle returns. A curled fringe remains ever popular. Shoes sport higher heels and narrower toes.

And a designing woman refuses to settle for anything less than love...regardless of what's in vogue.

Read an excerpt from WHORE

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